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Failed Transactions

Last updated March 30, 2024

Encountering a failed transaction can be frustrating, please reach out to us directly if you need more support.

1. Failed Transaction on the Destination Chain: In cases where the transaction fails on the destination chain, Decent ensures that you're refunded the bridged amount to your wallet on that chain. Please check your token balance on the destination chain to confirm the refund.

2. Failed Transaction on the Source Chain: If a transaction fails on the source chain, this is outside of Decent's control. This often occurs due to insufficient gas for the transaction. In such cases, refresh the page and attempt the transaction again, ensuring you have enough gas.

Next Steps:

  • Checking for NFTs: Look in the hidden folder on your NFT platform.
  • Verifying Refunds: Monitor your token balance on the destination chain.
  • NOTE: If you tried to bridge into Degen Chain and you don't see your funds in $DEGEN on Degen, check to see if you have new WETH on Base. If your transaction failed to settle to Degen you will automatically receive your refund in WETH on Base.
  • Resolving Source Chain Issues: Ensure sufficient gas and retry.

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