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Fiat Onramp

Last updated February 26, 2024

 Decent Checkout  enables users to onramp fiat currency to any token on any  Decent-supported chain . Using their debit/credit card or bank account, users can easily get funds onchain for immediate use, making  Decent Checkout  the ultimate onboarding tool for new crypto users.

Why Onramp with Decent Checkout?


Without Decent Checkout

Users new to crypto must go through multiple steps and numerous applications just to get onchain, let alone to onboard to L2s and rollups. Existing flows force users to navigate through confusing processes such as finding a wallet site, saving private keys, finding a bridge, and initiating a swap just to engage with an application.

With Decent Checkout

New crypto users enjoy a seamless onboarding experience, with Decent handling the technical processes on the backend. In  Decent Checkout , users can create a wallet with their social profiles, link their payment info, select their desired token and the amount, and immediately fill their new wallet — all from one familiar transaction flow!

Fiat Onramp

How to Onramp Fiat with Decent Checkout

  1. Connect Wallet: Start by connecting your wallet on . For information on how to create or connect your wallet, click here.
  2. Onramp App: Select the 'Onramp' application.
  3. Token & Chain Selection: Select the desired token and chain you wish to onramp to.
  4. Select Purchase Amount: Choose the amount you wish to pay OR the amount of the token you would like to purchase.
  5. Complete KYC: Complete the KYC verification by signing up or logging in with existing credentials.  Click here for more information on the KYC process with Link .
  6. Payment Method: Add or select your payment method.
  7. Approval: Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  8. Review: Review your selections, then click 'Pay'.
  9. Signature: Sign the transaction in your wallet.
  10. Success!

For any queries or support related to failed transactions,  please visit this page to troubleshoot .

Need assistance? Start a chat with us by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

To submit feedback from using or building with our products,  send our team a message .

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