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Last updated February 13, 2024

Where to find your minted NFTs

If you've purchased an NFT and can't locate it, check the 'hidden' tab on marketplaces like OpenSea or in the NFT section of your preferred wallet.

If you cannot find the NFT in any of the public or hidden tabs, confirm that the transaction did indeed go through. You can confirm this by opening your wallet and viewing recent transactions. If the transaction did complete, please reach out to our team for additional support.

Where to deploy NFTs

Creators can release their own NFTs with Decent at . Once deployed, these NFTs can be purchased cross-chain on their generated mint pages with Decent's The Box.

When a NFT mint window has closed

The Box by Decent enables collectors to purchase NFTs on secondary through the NFT's original mint site. If you are receiving an error when trying to collect, it is likely because there are no available secondary listings.

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